University of Alaska Fairbanks – Electrical Distribution Renewal Project

Testing & Commissioning of new campus distribution switchgear, utility tie switchgear, and steam turbine/diesel generating switchgear. Our first contract executed for Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL), Power Pros performed testing of the protection & control circuits for all of the new switchgear, and in certain cases, the existing switchgear. Power Pros staff worked closely with the SEL engineers who developed the protection logic & relay settings, providing feedback on the settings and proving the control logic functionality. An interesting finding on this project was the discovery of the mis-application of the utility current transformers. The CT polarities were reversed on the utility gear which provided input to the line distance relays, effectively negating the utility line protection. This dangerous situation had been present for decades and was only discovered because of the complete and thorough testing performed by the Power Pros Staff.

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