Principal Hydroelectric Engineer

Joel Richard

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I started my professional journey at one of the tallest earthen dams in the world (Oroville Dam) and have not looked back since. The drive I have for understanding how things work (or do not work) has fueled my enthusiasm for working in this industry… there is always so much more to see/do/learn. My area of expertise is broad, with the primary focus on large utility scale power generation and distribution projects, special emphasis on all things hydroelectric. I have intimate knowledge of hydroelectric schemes, ranging from unit controls and protection systems, main unit turbines and generators, excitation and governor systems, medium and low voltage switchgear and station service, high voltage switchyards, and various balance of plant systems. I currently maintain licensure in the State of California as a Professional Engineer in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.   | CA-E23288 | CA-M33033 |

As the principal engineer at Power Pros, I continually strive to develop and maintain lasting relationships with our customers by bringing value to each and every project that we support and thoroughly enjoy working alongside some of the best in the industry right here at Power Pros. All that said, my greatest achievement yet is keeping up with my two beautiful young girls (which is exhausting) and spending quality time with my wife (who is also exhausted).

What I do:

Engineering Services

Electrical Testing & Commissioning


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