South Yard Substation

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South Yard Substation Commissioning – Largest electrical upgrade project in refinery history. 50+ Medium Voltage breakers, 120+ SEL protective relays, four power transformers, SCADA system and associated switchgear and station equipment.

Power Pros Chevron South Yard Project
Power Pros Chevron South Yard Project

Our scope of work included:

developing the commissioning plan, and all test plans to include protection & SCADA, and to execute the testing of all equipment. We developed satellite synchronized end to end functional tests of the line differential protection schemes; one of these schemes includes a three terminal line differential scheme. Power Pros was the first and remains the only company to perform End to End testing at the Chevron Richmond refinery. As a result of the successful implementation and execution, this technique has been adopted by other Chevron refineries and is now standard procedure for electrical commissioning projects at Chevron.