Holm Unit 2 Controls & Protection Replacement

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Hetchy Holm House
Hetchy Holm House Relays
Hetchy Holm House Sync Scope
Hetchy Holm House Transformer
Hetchy Holm House ISY
Hetchy Holm House ISY2
Hetchy Holm House ISY3

Client: SFPUC

Holm U2 Unit Controls & Protection Replacement- Acting as the commissioning contractor on behalf of Big Valley Inc. for testing and commissioning of the 180MVA two-unit Holm powerhouse. Primary duties included apparatus testing and pre-commissioning of all 13.8kV switchgear and associated Generator and Transformer protection. Project also included testing and commissioning of 22kV Cherry Ridge line protection as well as 230kV Line 2 Differential protection with End to End testing. Project challenges included major increase in the scope of work (230kV line diff project) with incomplete factory/system design drawings. Significant engineering work was performed in the drawing review and relay settings/logic updates with daily coordination with Operations & Maintenance staff, Engineering staff, and SFPUC project managers while managing several critical system schedule constraints due to power/water deliveries. Project was brought online with minimal interruptions to plant operations.