JG Boswell

Corcoran Tomato Processing Facility

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Power Pros is pleased to have been selected to assist the J. G. Boswell Company in testing, commissioning and startup of its 70kV Substation and 12kV Distribution Switchgear Center.

JG Boswell – Tomato Processing Facility

This electrical energy provided power to Boswell’s Tomato Processing Facility, in Corcoran, CA.

It was required that the plant be operational by July 1 to prevent millions of dollars of tomato crops from spoiling. The crop was being harvested with a very short life off the vine. Power Pros successfully tested and commissioned the substation and switchgear in ten days. This joint effort allowed the customers facilities to have the required electrical energy, which effectively saved the season for the customer.

The J. G. Boswell Company grows tomatoes and a lot of them. One of the nation’s largest tomato growers, it produced some 1 million pounds of tomatoes in 2008. Boswell’s other smaller crops include wheat, sunflowers, and safflowers. J.G. Boswell also grows and mills cotton in California’s San Joaquin Valley and is the Nation’s largest cotton producer. About one-third of its 150,000 California acres are devoted to cotton. Indeed, Boswell’s customers include textile makers worldwide.

  • Date: 26.05.2014
  • Location: Corcoran, CA