Relay Testing & Commissioning Services

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MID Claus Sub 3
MID Claus Sub 2

Client: Modesto Irrigation District

SEL Relay Settings Database Conversion – Provided MID consulting engineering services for the conversion of SEL protective relay settings from 5010 database to 5030 database. Scope of services include download of nearly 1000 SEL relays at over 35 substations and power plants with settings comparisons made to MID engineering documentation (relay settings) and as-found settings. Settings differences were analyzed and recommendations made to MID discrepancies arose. Final deliverables included new 5030 databases for each substation/plant location with legacy 5010 databases created for SEL relays unsupported by 5030.

Substation Testing and Commissioning – Provided 3rd party testing services at several MID substations including: 12th Street Sub, Bangs Sub, Claus Sub, Clough Sub, Hershey Sub, Mountain House Sub, Standiford Sub, and Woodland Sub. Scope of services ranged from new relay upgrade testing, existing PRC-005 relay testing, DC/AC circuit verification, CT/PT verification, ground grid testing and analysis, and protection and control system functional testing.