Shasta Hydro Power Plant Protection Upgrade

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The United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) and Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) in a joint effort reconfigured the Shasta 230kV Switchyard to a Double Bus Double Breaker (DBDB) scheme.

United States Bureau of Reclamation – Shasta Hydro Power Plant

The implementation of this new design mitigated any situation where loss of Shasta generator capacity would minimize the effect on the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) control areas most severe contingency reserve levels.

The DBDB scheme offers flexibility to USBR Operations and survivability of the plant and switchyard in the event of a breaker failure or catastrophic failure of any single Generation Unit. Power Pros was contracted to fabricate, deliver and assemble new control room panels containing the protection and controls for all five transformers, 230kV yard breakers and Station Service Transformers. Power Pros custom built the panels to fit within the footprint and to attach to the existing control room panels. Power Pros design input allowed for the panels to be manufactured 6-inches wider front to back providing more room for wiring and access for maintenance staff. Power Pros also developed the automated test routines for the SEL relays, and provided those to the USBR staff for use in future testing and maintenance. Power Pros was pleased to successfully provide testing and commissioning of this new control system for the USBR.

Shasta Dam is a gravity dam across the Sacramento River in the Northern part of the State of California, at the North end of the Sacramento Valley. The dam mainly serves long-term water storage and flood control in its reservoir, Shasta Lake, and also generates hydroelectric power. At 602 feet (183 m) high, it is the ninth-tallest dam in the United States and forms the largest reservoir in California.